No Tolls on The Bridge!

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Costs are in today’s dollars.
Costs are from: Columbia River Crossing, Cost Risk Assessment
Table 19: Vancouver Alignment Base Costs with Uncertainties,

DEIS, EIS, Permitting, etc costs not shown. That is why our estimate is above the sum of the above costs.

See Table 19,Columbia River Crossing, Cost Risk Assessment

Outline of Option A

Solve Bridge Capacity by:
Keep existing bridges.- use all 6 lanes for 81,000 north bound users.
Build South Bound highway bridges for 81,000 daily users.
Partly rebuild SR-14 intersection in Washington  because of height difference..

Fixing interchanges:
Add 1 lane Victory Blvd across channel bridge
Extend Marine Dr., Victory blvd., & Hayden Island add lanes across bridge

Don’t Waste Money on Un-needed things
Do Not Build light rail for 1650 daily users
Do Not Rebuild 3 interchanges in Washington.
Do Not Elevate Hayden Island section.
Do Not Rebuild one interchange in Oregon.
(CRC DEIS, page S-17)
 $117 million  SR-500
 $429 million    HWY - North Bound
 $122 million   SR14
 $215 million   Hayden Island
 $129 million   Fourth Plain
 $74 million   Mill Plain
 $315 million    HWY - South Bound
 $272 million   light rail
 $63 million light rail, South
 $288 million  light rail, North
 $108 million   Demolition
 $412 million  Marine Dr.
 Add one lane-Victory Blvd across bridge
A $ 550 million Option – Tolls Not Needed
 Extend Marine Dr. & J. Beach on ramps across bridge
Our Option A - Streamline CRC Alt. 4 (1 new bridge + keep old)

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